Who is Bulent Unsal

Bulent Unsal is an accomplished design professional with 40 years of experience as creative director and producer specializing on fashion, advertising, entertainment and technology sectors.

Unsal, Born in Istanbul 1955 as the son of an animation artist mother and a film director and advertising agency owner father. Those years influenced him to follow the path of a creativity. 

He holds a Master of Art degree from the prestigious Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey. He also began his professional career during those formative years.


As a master photographer, Unsal is well known for the campaigns he has shot and continues to shoot for major brands. Throughout his career, he successfully integrated art photography with commercial photography. He found his style which strikes a perfect balance between art and commerce. In recent years, Unsal has been producing artwork with great ingenuity that’s already gaining a lot of attention. From fashion photography to conceptual work, Unsal’s body of work spans across a number of different areas. 

Since 2013 he is living in his chosen home in San Diego CA, and operating his own creative agency AdmCW  LLC.